Lean-to Tool Shed

Lean-to Tool Bin

This storage shed is a free-standing building with a wooden skid foundation that makes it easy to move. With all four sides finished, the shed can be placed anywhere, but it works best when set next to a house or garage wall (or a fence)—its steeply pitched roof and narrow profile help it blend in with the neighboring structure. The shed shown in this project includes asphalt shingle roofing, T1-11 plywood siding, and 1 × cedar trim, but you can add any type of finish to match or complement the surrounding structures.

The shed’s 65″-tall double doors provide easy access to its eighteen square feet of floor space, and its 8-ft.-tall rear wall can accommodate a set of shelves while leaving enough room below for longhand led tools.

Because the tool shed sits on the ground, in cold climates it will be subject to shifting with seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. Therefore, do not attach the tool shed to your house or any other building set on a foundation.

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